Welcome to my world!

Food, cooking and traveling are some of many passions in my life.  These days, as a real foodie, I try to cook one dish different everyday.  Of course, that does not always happen but I attempt to do it, whenever possible.  At least to the extent that I get to document the end result of my cooking and share it with folks like yourselves so you can drool over what I call as my ‘Yummilicious Food Porn’!  However, knowing the sheer fact that tormenting you every week anytime between Monday and Friday with my ‘Yummilicious Food Porn’ is not exactly a nice thing to do I have decided to include the recipe along with each yummilicious post.  That way, you’ll also get to enjoy the things I cook by preparing them yourself in your kitchen and enjoy your very own cooking in the comfort of your home!

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