On a sweet note!

So, I have been quiet for some time now as I have been away and did not carry my laptop with me during that time.  To start off again on a sweet note, check out how I made my Strawberry and Fig Jam!

The Ingredients

250 g Strawberries, hulled, washed, drained and halved

250 g ripened Figs, washed, dried and quartered

1/2 cup Caster Sugar

Place all the ingredients into a pan and crush them with a wooden spatula. Be sure to get as much juice out first so the sugar can dissolve into it before placing the pan onto medium heat. Simmer for about 15-20 minutes till the mixture thickens into a jam consistency.  Skim off any foam during this process. Once thickened, remove from heat and let it cool completely before placing them in sterilized jars.

This jam can be enjoyed in so many ways. I am enjoying mine this morning with plain yogurt!

2 thoughts on “On a sweet note!

    1. This jam is absolutely delicious! I have also used it as a spread on a shortcake with whipped cream and it was truly divine! Hope you’ll be able to find good figs soon so you can make a jar or two for yourself!

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